Buy 4-MEC Online


Buy 4-MEC Online

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What is 4mec?

4-Methylethcathinone or 4MEC is a chemical that bears a chemical resemblance to mephedrone. Its similarity to mephedrone is thought to be a stimulant and entactogen drug of the phenethylamine, amphetamine, and cathinone chemical classes.

What are the other names for 4 mec?

The other names for 4 mec are 4-Methyl-N-ethylcathinone; 2-Ethylamino-1-p-tolylpropan-1-one.

What is the molar mass of 4 MEC?

The molar mass of 4 MEC is 191.27 g/mol.

What is the molecular formula of 4 MEC?

The molecular formula of 4 MEC is C12H17NO • HCl.

In which form will you get the 4MEC?

You will get the 4MEC in the crystalline solid form.

How can you store the 4MEC?

You can store the 4MEC at room temperature, and it can stay stable for two years.

What is the usage of 4MEC?

4MEC is used for research purposes, and it is not used for human consumption.

Which is the right place to purchase 4 Mec online?

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