Buy 5-MAPB Crystal Online


Buy 5-MAPB Crystal Online

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What is 5-mapb-crystal?

5-MAPB (1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methyl propane-2-amine) is an entactogenic designer drug similar to MDMA in its structure and effects. 5-(2-methyl aminopropyl)benzofuran (abbreviated 5-MAPB) is a synthetic entactogen of the substituted benzofuran class of chemicals.

What are the effects of 5-mapb-crystal on the human body?

The effects of 5-mapb-crystal on the human body produce euphoric, entactogenic, stimulating, and mildly hallucinogenic effects.

What is the common name for 5 MAPB Crystal?

The common name for 5 MAPB Crystal is 5-MAPB.

What is the chemical class name for 5 MAPB Crystal?

The chemical class name for 5 MAPB Crystal is Amphetamine / Benzofuran.

How to buy 5-mapb-crystal online?

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